Small Animal Clinic

Small animal clinics are very common, considering the number of people that choose to have a small pet, be it furry or not. This number is actually growing from one year to another and so is the demand for well-trained veterinarians. But it is still challenging to find a clinic that will offer you all you need in one place and at a high level of performance. Our clinic covers these high standards at budget-friendly prices. There are many types of small animals that could be adopted and integrated into a family that loves them and takes care of them. Even if the most common choices incorporate different breeds of dogs and cats, there are plenty of people who choose birds, hedgehogs, and other exotic species to join them in their daily life. And we take care of them all in the same loving and professional way!

At our small animal clinic, you will be able to find all the services necessary to take care of your pet. The veterinarians here are specialized in small pets and are true professionals when it comes to complex health problems that your little friend might face during their life. Our veterinarians will diagnose and take care of your dog, cat, reptile, bird or any other species of animal you might have under your roof. Besides the grooming services that you can access, you can also get a medication bath package that includes all the small details of such a process or a tick treatment that is as complex as it should be. These medical investigations, along with blood analyzes and other services, will offer your furry friend all they need to live a happy and healthy life.

By visiting us along with your pet, you can access the service of sterilization as well, if you want to fix your dog or cat. You can also treat your pet in case of emergency and benefit from our pet surgery services if the diagnostic calls for it. And speaking of the diagnostic, our doctors will be able to establish exactly what are your pet’s health problems and how can they be cured or treated. This is very important for those who want to keep their little animal in the best shape for the longest time. And when it comes to your pet’s health, you shouldn’t make any type of compromise because they are entirely dependent on you.

Vaccines are also very important and you can cover this aspect as well, by talking to our veterinarians about the needs your small animal has. They will introduce you to the best vaccination options available for your type of pet and the schedule that needs to be followed and strictly respected. A vaccinated pet will be significantly better protected against potential health problems that they can contact. Also, having a vaccinated pet is crucial for your health and your family’s health. If you have young children, this aspect becomes even more important because you need to protect them from undesired germs that can be transmitted from your dog, cat or any other animal to your children. For all these reasons and many others, paying a visit to our professional small animal clinic every now and then, being it even for just a routine check-up, is very important! We own our good reputation to the experts that work here every day and our clients who trust us over and over again. Call us today and make an appointment for your pet with one of our dedicated veterinarians!