Medicated Bath

Medicated baths are highly beneficial for your dog or cat and they should be provided regularly. They become mandatory when your pet develops certain skin conditions that could be mild or even severe. But you can prevent such complications by grooming your per often and offering them a medicated wash at least once a month. Medicated baths are also offered to give your pet a certain level of comfort after a surgery or a severe medical intervention. And by all means, such baths should be done by a professional in the matter so they have the effect that you are looking for. Bring your pet to our clinic and our experts will provide all the services included in such a complex bath.

These baths could be part of the basic grooming package that you can access for a price of Rs 850 or of the full grooming package for Rs 1350, by covering an extra fee of Rs 350. if you are just interested in the medicated bath and not the rest of the services, you don’t have to invest in a complete grooming package and you can simply pay the Rs 350 fee that equals the medicated bath. If your furry buddy needs a complex medicated bath and not just one that comes along with the grooming services, you can get a full medicated wash package. This medicated bath package includes 9 different services as it follows: eyes and ears cleaning, nails clipping and filing, pawdicure, initial brushing, trimming of the infected area in order to facilitate the application of the treatment – this is done with the approval of the owner, sanitary trim can be requested as well, medicated wash with special products, blow dry and final brush. The final brush will be according to each pet and their skin and hair condition. Some pets might be too affected to be able to enjoy the final brush step and this will be decided from one case to another. This entire process comes at a cost of Rs 1350, this fee covers the entire medicated wash package for breeds of different sizes such as toy, small, medium or even large dogs and cats. If your pet comes in a giant size, there will be an extra fee of Rs 500. There are cases in which a medicated wash needs to be applied in less than 7 days from the first one, in order to increase its efficiency. In such cases, you will not have to repay the entire process but only a fee of Rs 600.

A medicated bath is not a caprice of any sort but it becomes in so many cases a necessity for your furry friend. It is your duty as a pet parent to provide the best services for them and make sure they are feeling loved and comfortable, while you treat and avoid the major health problems that might come up. If you are not sure if your dog or cat needs a medicated bath, ask one of our vets and follow their instructions as soon as possible. Medicated baths treat skin conditions and prevent other complications that could severely impact your pet’s life.