Diagnose & Treatment

If you have a pet, you know how important it is to keep them healthy and happy to the best of your possibilities. Animals of all kinds might develop health conditions that need attention, just like humans do. However, they will not be able to voice their problems and let you know that something is wrong. Therefore, you will be most of the time left to guess and estimate the state of health that your lovely little friend is in. This is why is important to pay attention to all the signs that might indicate a potential medical problem and address them as soon as possible. These signs like a lack of appetite or a weight loss that is not justifiable, will not lead you to any diagnostic in particular. But, they will give you a precious hint that your pet needs to be seen by one of our veterinarians.

By taking your pet to our clinic as soon as you notice certain problems with them, you might even save their life or at least prolong it in a significant way. The experts at our clinic will use their best knowledge in order to identify the health problem that your animal has and put a realistic diagnostic on it. This will lead to efficient treatment and the best solution for your furry friend. And this algorithm should be followed regardless of the species of animal that you might possess, be it a dog, a cat, a reptile or even a bird. At our animal clinic, we take care of all of them in the same loving and diligent way!

To put the correct diagnose on your animal, the veterinarians at our clinic will have to do a series of wellness tests, drawn blood, evaluate the way your pet looks like considering their weight, height, and length but also evaluate the potential wounds and injuries that they might have. In some cases, x-Rays are required in order to identify internal problems that might not be so obvious on the outside. These procedures will lead to a certain diagnostic and adequate treatment to go along with it. But don’t worry because we offer the possibilities to perform all these investigations in one place so you will not have to run around in different places.

The treatment might include pills, injections, surgery and different changes in the pet’s schedule and routine. And it is your duty and responsibility as a pet parent to follow the doctor’s instructions as much as possible in order to heal your animal. If you find any obstacles in doing so, don’t hesitate to get in contact with your veterinarian again and identify the best solutions to apply.

It is very important to trust the doctor that will diagnose your pet and treat them as their life is in the hands of such a veterinarian. It requires plenty of knowledge to take care of a patient that can’t verbalize their needs and discomfort. If you make sure that your pet gets regular medical attention, you will avoid potential severe problems that could affect their health conditions in a very negative way! So, make sure to bring your pet to our clinic regularly so that they are as healthy as they should be!